Instructional Design and Technology is available as a resource to assist with online education preparation and function, professional development of FVCC faculty who utilize Eagle Online, and online accessibility compliance. The department administers Eagle Online and is involved on some level of administration with some external tools.

Instructional Design and Technology is also available to answer any questions about Eagle Online or online education at FVCC. EDU291Y Teaching Online Courses and EDU291X Developing Online Courses are conducted by Instructional Design and Technology.

Julie Wenz
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Jodi Harms
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Eagle Online Information

What is Eagle Online?

Eagle Online is the name given to FVCC’s online learning environment. FVCC uses Desire2Learn Brightspace as its learning management system (LMS). An LMS allows instructors to manage their course content, discussions, testing, grades, and more in a secure environment by requiring a login process. Any instructor at FVCC can use Eagle Online to manage their course information regardless of whether the course is taught online or not.

Classes that use Eagle Online

Eagle Online can be a useful tool regardless of how your course meets. Many faculty who teach face-to-face use Eagle Online as an enhancement to their courses. They use it as a way to share content and materials, allow for discussion outside of class, electronically grade and provide feedback to students and keep students up-to-date on their course grades. Hybrid courses and fully online courses use Eagle Online more extensively to take advantage of additional features such as testing and assessment, synchronous discussion and for group and collaborative work.

Courses are considered hybrid when at least 50% of the course is conducted online. Seat time/class meetings are reduced in a hybrid class.

How to Use Eagle Online

If you would like to use Eagle Online to enhance your face-to-face course, contact Instructional Design and Technology 406-756-3615 or 406-756-3362.

To teach a fully online or hybrid course at FVCC you must first obtain approval for development/conversion prior to beginning the development/conversion process. In addition, you need to have taken EDU 291Y, Teaching Online and EDU 291X Developing Online Courses. After the course is developed, it goes through a peer review process. Download the Intent to Develop or Convert form.

Teaching Online Classes EDU 291y

The purpose of this class for faculty is to introduce the FVCC Eagle Online learning management system (LMS) – Brightspace. In the course participants will learn how to navigate the LMS and personalize an online course. The emphasis is on building “community” among online students, effective communication in the online environment, managing an online course, incorporating “interactivity,” assessment and evaluation of online students, the roles and responsibilities of an online instructor, copyright, and accessibility.

Developing Online Classes EDU 291x

After taking EDU 291y, faculty can take EDU 291x where they will design and develop a fully online course. Participants will learn more about the features of the LMS as well as principles of best practice, instructional design, and quality standards.

Student Orientation

The Eagle Online Student Orientation was developed as a sample class and instructional module for students who need to familiarize themselves with navigation and use of Eagle Online.  It contains instructional videos and practical exercises in the basic functions of the system.

Faculty who are familiar with the Orientation will have a resource for student support.

The Orientation may also be used as required material for students.  There is no content test within it so any assessment will have to be added to your class.

External Tools

External tools are any online applications outside of Eagle Online that an instructor would use in the course of teaching.  For example:  a publisher tool, such as Pearson’s My Lab; Google Classroom; or an internet app.  Most external tools have some level of integration available, even if it is just a link from Eagle Online.  Instructional Design and Technology promotes the use of Eagle Online to maintain consistency in appearance and navigation of courses across campus.  Please contact Instructional Design and Technology anytime you are considering use of an external tool to explore available integrations.

Instructor Resource Center

All faculty have access to the Instructor Resource Center. This is an Eagle Online “class” set up as a repository of information about the system. It includes instructional content as well as useful information regarding teaching online and associated functions, tools, and materials.

To access it, login to Eagle Online and choose the Instructor Resource Center from your course selector. If your list is long and it does not show, use the course selector search function.


The Lightboard is a cutting-edge instructional technology tool developed by FVCC assistant professor David Long.

A Lightboard is an instructional tool that provides the opportunity to create an online learning environment that simulates face-to-face teaching. Part chalkboard, part projection screen, the device floats a lesson in the space between the instructor and his or her student audience, generating a kind of virtual reality that engages online student learners in a way that traditional online learning platforms cannot. Recently developed by Michael Peshkin at Northwestern University, a Lightboard is a vertical sheet of glass positioned between an instructor and a video camera. Although the glass panel is completely invisible to the students, it provides a surface upon which the instructor can write bright, legible writing against a black background, all the while facing the student audience.

Use The Lightboard

The lightboard is available for use at the FVCC Library in the Broussard Family Library & Learning Commons.  Please contact the Library at (406) 756-3856 or with questions.  Reserve the Lightboard