About The Research Conference

The FVCC research conference is sponsored by The Honors Program at FVCC.  It is a campus-wide showcase of research projects from many disciplines.  In addition to FVCC students, the conference has attracted research projects from local high school and University of Montana students as well.

The research conference is divided into oral presentations and a poster session.  Hundreds of students participate each year.  Prizes are awarded to first, second, and third places in each of the two categories.  Our expectation is outstanding projects will be afforded the opportunity to travel and participate in the Western Regional Honors Conference which is held at various locations in the Northwest.  Additional opportunities are available for students to showcase outstanding projects at other conferences nationwide.

The research conference is held twice each year once in December of fall semester and again in May of spring semester.  Community members are invited to attend and see the many diverse projects being conducted at FVCC.

Poster requirements:

  • Dimensions 48″ wide by 36″ tall (horizontal).
  • Use high resolution images and export as highest quality.
  • FVCC logo available for download
  • Leave at least 1/2″ margin around the edge of poster for printing.

Final file submission:
JPEG or PDF format accepted.
Include title and student name in the final filename.

Research Conference Winners

STEM Undergraduate Research Poster

  • 1st Place – Efficiency and Recyclability of Proline Functionalized Surfaces in Aldol Reactions  – Tanya Baker
    Advisor – Jessica Ennist
  • 2nd Place – Cytotoxicity Testing of Lichen and Bryophyte Extracts – Chase Skelton & Kyle Montgomery
    Advisor – Ruth Wrightsman
  • 3rd Place – Antibiotic Potential of Flathead Fungi and Flora – Jaron Reynolds, Ethan Harbo & Raser Powell
    Advisor – Mirabai McCarthy

Topic Poster

  • 1st Place –One Stop Bike Shop – Wesley Hilton, Cory Simonson, Kayla Currier & Peggy Keller
    Advisor – Connie Hitchcock
  • 2nd Place –How Remote Sensing Determines the Urban Heat Island Effects – Molly Schmit
    Advisor – Tim Eichner
  • 3rd Place – Remote Sensing and Bathymetry – Sam Negron
    Advisor – Tim Eichner

STEM Undergraduate Research Presentation

  • 1st Place –Cloning and Sequencing of the GAPDH Gene – Paul Harms, Cole Hider, Max Butler & Keith Moor
    Advisor – Ruth Wrightsman
  • 2nd Place – Mathematical Analysis of Redtail Riffle Food Web – Tyler Ross & Raser Powell
    Advisor – Mike Severino

Topic Presentation

  • 1st Place – The Illusion of Power – Grace Cady & Magdalene McGraw
    Advisors – Gerda Reeb & Adam Harbaugh
  • 2nd Place – Monarch Migrations – Grace Cady
    Advisors – Hannah Bissell & Christina Relyea
  • 3rd Place tie – The Psychological Effects of Captivity on Animals – Miguel Pacheco
    Advisors – Hannah Bissell & Christina Relyea
  • 3rd Place tie –Oil Pollution – Blake Rausch
    Advisors – Hannah Bissell & Christina Relyea

Whitefish High School Research Poster– Advisor Todd Spangler

  • 1st Place –Intraocular Pressure (IOP) – Lauren York
  • 2nd Place – Acoustic Remediation of a Public Space – Sam Menicke
  • 3rd Place – The Effect of Aminopyralid Contamination on CO2 Efflux from Soil – Casey Schneider