We know your business isn’t like every other.

FVCC’s customized and contract training allows your business to achieve your specific business goals. Our highly-qualified instructors and comprehensive educational resources will provide your employees with relevant training in the areas that are crucial to you and the success of your organization.

Your training objectives might be as straight-forward as holding one of our regular business workshops for just your employees, and/or at your business site and/or at a specific time.  That is Contract Training in action.

Or, you might not see specifically what you had in mind.  Then, we should talk about your particular training objectives and create just the right curriculum.  That is Customized Training working for you.

Let us match your business training objectives with a skilled faculty member or industry trainer – call or email Jodi Smith, Workforce Training Director, (406) 756-3833 or email jsmith@fvcc.edu.

Here are some success stories:  

  • A local bank wanted to create a career development program for future potential leaders in their business.  We paired a variety of industry trainers and faculty with administrative team leaders from the bank to create a 9-month series.
  • A local timber company had a need for their operators to achieve a higher level in their licensing and knew other businesses in the area would also benefit from such training.  We worked together to create a suitable curriculum, had it approved by the State, and led every student to pass their licensing exam.
  • A county department strives to provide ongoing professional development training for their small group of staff.  We work with them to identify various instructors to bring applicable skills through engaging presentations.
  • A local non-profit wanted to elevate the level of customer service in the organization.  We customized an existing 3-hour program for their front line staff and created a new 3-hour program for their supervisory staff.
  • A small manufacturing business wanted to grow a group of staff from assembly duties into design work which required new knowledge of SolidWorks software.  We identified a local industry trainer, designed the course and trained the group of employees over a 40-hour period.