TRIO Tutoring Program

The TRIO Tutoring Program is a FREE academic service for students who qualify for the TRIO/SSS Program. Non eligible students can discuss other arrangements with the tutor coordinator.

  • Done most often by students who have already successfully completed that course.
  • Tutors may also be former students or professionals in the community.
  • Tutors meet one-on-one with students for up to three hours a week per subject.
  • All tutoring takes place on the FVCC campus

Tutor Request link:

Writing Lab and Math & Science Tutoring Center

Writing Lab and Math & Science Tutoring Center at FVCC offer students professional instruction. They are a free service of TRIO/SSS and FVCC. You may use any or all of the labs by dropping in or making appointments with the lab instructors. For more information, visit Math & Science Tutoring Center & Writing Lab.