• Transferring to a Montana University System institution has been streamlined by articulation agreements and transfer policies. With advance planning our Associate Degrees can transfer seamlessly to Montana University System schools.
  • Transferring to a private college or to a university out of state requires more research, planning, and working with both a faculty advisor and the transfer advisor.
  • Students should plan early so that all lower division requirements are met to help with a smooth transfer.
  • It is important to know that baccalaureate requirements vary among universities and although many transfer agreements exist, the granting of credits is determined by the receiving institution.
  • Lower division general education requirements can be met in four ways before transferring. All general education courses must be completed with a C- or better some programs may require specific minimum GPA’s.
    1. By completing an AA or AS degree
    2. Completing the 31 credits of the FVCC core
    3. Completing the 30 credits of the Montana University System Core
    4. Completing at least 20 credits of the MUS core and take the rest at the transfer institution
  • Students transferring to a MUS school who has at least 12 credits (not including Running Start credits) can submit a Transfer Transmittal request to the FVCC Admissions Office, pay a small fee, and have all academic records (admission, high school and college transcripts and shot records) processed at once. Hard copy Transfer Transmittal forms can also be obtained from the Admissions Office or from the transfer advisor.

If you want a smooth transfer from FVCC making an appointment with a Student Support Center Advisor should be at the top of your to-do list. Academic Advisors provide a full range of advising and transfer services for students entering or leaving FVCC.

  • Students transferring college credits to FVCC should get all official transcripts sent to the admission office for evaluation.
  • Students transferring from the MUS system can submit the Transfer Transmittal form to admissions.
  • Advice on General Education Requirements and major prerequisites for in state and out of state schools. Early planning is extremely important for out of state schools.
  • Clarifies articulation agreements, shares steps for timely transfer, program requirements, contact information, and required forms.
  • Helps you choose the college or university that is best for you.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 756-3880 or stop by the Learning Resource Building, room 129.