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Students planning to transfer to a Montana college can save time and money by completing a general education core prior to transferring. This group of courses, known as a Gen Ed Core, consists of 30 credits from a specific list and is a required component of all undergraduate degrees.The multi-disciplined nature of a Gen Ed Core offers students foundational knowledge that supports success in college, in a career, and in life.

FVCC students can choose between two Gen Ed Cores, depending on their transfer goals: FVCC Gen Ed Core or Montana University System (MUS) Gen Ed Core. Once completed, both cores transfer to any MUS college as a guarantee that the 30-credit, lower-division Gen Ed Core requirements have been met: Core Complete!

FVCC’s Core Complete! designation supports students planning to transfer either before or after earning an FVCC AA or AS transfer degree.

  1. Students who earn an AA or AS degree from FVCC automatically earn Core Complete!
  2. Students planning to complete a Core and transfer prior to earning an AA or AS degree from FVCC should choose the MUS Core.


Best for students who plan to transfer prior to earning an AA or AS degree from FVCC.

The Montana University System Core (MUS Core) represents a transfer agreement among community, tribal, and publicly-funded colleges and universities in the State of Montana. It assures the transfer of up to 30 lower-division semester credits to satisfy the lower-division general education requirements: Core Complete!

For an explanation of the MUS Transferable Core, visit


Best for students who plan to earn an AA or AS degree from FVCC.

Earning an Associate’s Degree (AA or AS) from FVCC with the FVCC Core means that a student can transfer to any Montana University System college and be guaranteed the lower-division general education requirements have been met.

For an explanation of FVCC Core requirements, visit: