Begin your bachelor’s degree at FVCC

FVCC prepares you to transfer in any area of study to the college or university of your choice. Our academic advisors will work with you to build a transfer track to reach your academic goals. If you are unsure about what academic track fits you, we will help your explore your academic and career opportunities.

Degrees That Transfer

FVCC awards two types of associate degrees designed for transfer: Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS). Both degrees are designed for students planning to transfer their credits to a four-year school, either in Montana or out of state. To earn either degree, students must complete a 30-credit general education core plus 30 credits of coursework determined by their intended major at a transfer school. These degrees are not specific to a subject area, but are customized to prepare students to transfer to any four-year school. Students work closely with their advisors to explore options and create an AA or AS plan of study.

Students who earn an associate degree from FVCC can transfer to any Montana University System school and be guaranteed that the lower-divison general education core requirements of that school have been met. FVCC students work closely with their advisors to choose general education courses tailored to their individual interests and goals.

Student Success is FVCC’s Top Priority

Your Success Matters to Us

Transitioning from high school to college is a huge change, which is why FVCC’s top priority is student success. We offer small classes taught by attentive faculty in order to provide students the best possible setting for building a strong foundation for academic success.

College is challenging, which is why we have developed an extensive system of student support resources to ensure our students have the best chance of reaching their academic goals. Our academic resources are free and include professional tutors in our tutoring labs, a newly constructed library and learning commons, disability support services, career advising, veteran services, and a TRIO student support program that offers free individual tutoring and transfer trips to major Montana universities.

Transition to College with a Plan

You truly can start at FVCC and go anywhere. Whether you want to stay in Montana or go out of state, we will customize your transfer track and guide you through the transfer process. We assist students transferring from FVCC and ensure students are connected with the best campus resources and advisors at their next institutions. Check out our FVCC transfer check-list, and call to make an appointment with a Student Support Center advisor to explore how FVCC can help you reach your academic and transfer goals: (406) 756-3880.

Choosing a Degree is an Investment

FVCC is an ideal place to begin the college exploration process. Our faculty and staff understand college is a big investment both in time and money. We want to help you navigate your academic choices and reach your career aspirations.  That’s why we provide an exceptional education at an affordable price. We will help you build a transfer track that prepares you for a smooth transition into your bachelor’s degree.

Get in touch with the Student Support Center to talk about your options. Contact the Student Support Center for an appointment: (406) 756-3880.