Kalispell Campus

An appointment is needed for an on campus proctored test.  Scheduling is quick and easy with our online booking system.  Please note that scheduling must occur at least 24 hours in advance of your test.   If an appointment time you need is full, please place your name on a waiting list and we will do everything possible to accommodate it.

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Libby Campus

If you would like to take your test on the Libby Campus, please select Libby Campus from the pull-down menu. Indicate if the test is written or if a computer will be needed in the Special Needs field. Please complete and submit a Proctor Request Form to the FVCC proctor so that any necessary materials or instructions will be sent to Libby.

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If your test has been pre-arranged by your instructor, it will be listed in the Exam Type pull-down menu.  Select a time from the appointments available for that exam.  You will receive confirmation and a reminder email (or text) about your test.  See Policies and Procedures for Proctored Tests to make sure you are familiar with the procedure and expectations.

If you are scheduling a make-up test or a test that has not been pre-arranged for a group by an instructor (FVCC or non-FVCC students), please choose from the Exam Type menu:

General – computer if you need a computer for your test, or

General – written if your test is a pencil/paper test.

Any specific test instructions, materials, or an access code that is needed for your test must be provided by your instructor to the proctor at proctor@fvcc.edu.