If you are enrolled in an Eagle Online course and located outside of Flathead County, you may opt to utilize an off-site proctor for exams that require proctoring (inquire with your course instructor).  The student is responsible for locating  a suitable proctor and submitting  the candidate’s information for approval. Please note that any proctoring fees are the responsibility of the student.

If you would like to take your test on the Libby Campus you may book an appointment with our booking system. Please complete and submit a Proctor Request Form to the FVCC proctor so that any necessary materials or instructions will be sent to Libby.

An Approved Proctor may be:

  • Certified librarian
  • College test center
  • Education official at college, secondary or elementary school
  • Educational Service Officer
  • Test administrator
  • Commissioned officer of higher rank than the student (military)
Proctors May Not Be:

  • Relative of student
  • Co-worker of student
  • Personal friend of student
  • Employee of student
  • Resident at same address as student
  • Direct supervisor of student

Procedure for proctor approval:

  • Complete and submit a Proctor Request Form to FVCC proctor
  • Once approved, a confirmation email will be sent to the student, proctor and professor and approval is valid for the entire semester.
  • Any proctor changes require a new request and approval.

When is the request required to be submitted to FVCC?

Within the first 3 weeks of fall/spring terms, or before if testing is earlier; at the beginning of each summer session. Adequate time is needed to process and validate proctors.

If you need assistance finding a proctor/site to take a proctored exam for your class, please contact proctor@fvcc.edu.