Copyright Information

Copyright laws and policies will be adhered to in all production services. Media Services adheres to FVCC Board Policy Policy: 501 – Copyrighted Materials. Basically, the Board has adopted the Fair Use Guidelines as policy.  For the shortened and condensed version, call Malinda at (406) 756-3828 and ask her how copyright might pertain to your particular project.

DVD/CD Duplication

Media Services has two DVD/CD duplicators that can copy up to seven discs at a time.  The original cannot be copyrighted.  The service is free if you bring your own discs (preferable).  The copy discs need to be the same brand and make or the duplicator won’t copy them.  We can still copy audio cassette tapes and VHS too!

Format Conversion (VHS to DVD, Cassette or LP to CD, etc.)

We can convert VHS tapes to DVD, DVD to VHS, CD to cassette, cassette to CD, LP to cassette or CD, etc.  We are sometimes asked to convert 16mm to DVD and have been successful at converting 35mm filmstrip to DVD as well.

File Conversion

DVD can be converted to various web friendly video files (flash).  With the producer’s permission, we can digitize DVD for the web.  Web video files can be burned to DVD.  Audio files can be ripped from CD and CDs created from audio files.  We use a free program called “Format Factory” for converting between audio and video computer file types.  If you need a .wav file converted to an .mp3, we can do it!


With two scanners, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Acrobat, we can turn your documents into .PDFs and your photos, negatives, and 35mm slides into .JPGs so you can use them on the web or in PowerPoint.

Power Point Presentations

If you need help with a PowerPoint presentation or would like basic instruction on how to use PPT, we can help.  Contact us to set up an appointment and we’ll walk you through.

Video editing

This service is limited as it is so time consuming.  We use a standalone editor as well as Windows Movie Maker or iMovie for basic video editing.  This service is available to college employees for college purposes only.