Media Services provides a wide variety of equipment for instructional use.   Items available range from a wide variety of projectors to camcorders, cameras, audio playback and recording equipment, student response systems (clickers), laptops, and other specialized equipment.  Please ask for availability.  Equipment will be delivered to classrooms and picked up afterward if scheduled 24 hours in advance.  Equipment may be checked out by faculty and staff for off-campus use, if available.

An FVCC Library Card is needed to check out equipment
— circulation period is typically 24 hours with a $10.00 per day fine for overdue materials.

Students may make arrangements with Media staff to utilize equipment on campus, depending on availability.  Student checkout of equipment is limited and must have an instructor referral.  Graphing calculators may be rented on a per semester basis (see Graphing Calculators page).

If a problem occurs with classroom equipment, please notify Media Services immediately — call 3828 from your in-room phone.  All general purpose classrooms have VHS/DVD playback capability. Portable TV & VCR/DVD units are available to rooms without permanent equipment upon request.  Instructions for utilizing equipment in the classrooms are mounted on the inside of the Nova Computer workstation for reference.Most classrooms and meeting rooms are equipped with multimedia computers (accessing the college network, Internet, MS Office applications) in locking cabinets and ceiling mounted data projectors. Keys are available for checkout on an FVCC Library card from Media Services after a short training session on proper use of the equipment.

Renting of AV equipment to off-campus groups is discouraged; FVCC is not in the business of renting equipment.  However, some specialty items that are not easily obtainable elsewhere in the valley may be rented at a premium price if the equipment is not needed for instructional purposes.  Equipment rentals must have the Instructional Media Services Supervisor’s approval.  Data projectors rent for $100.00/day when available.  Notebook computers are not rentable.  Renters of equipment MUST also have a current FVCC library card.  To obtain a card, present photo ID in the college library and they will issue one.