What programs offer internships as options or requirements?

The list of programs can be seen on the internships page.

When are interns available?  How many hours do they need to do?

As an FVCC college course, start and end dates for the internship follow the same semester begin and end dates as other classes.  It’s best to begin preparing for an intern the prior semester.  Ideally,  a signed Internship Agreement will be in place the prior semester with an agreed upon start date, usually the first or second week of the semester.

What are the legalities involved?

Can you pay an intern?

Yes! Internships can be paid or unpaid. The need for compensation is dependent upon the nature of the student’s position and whether or not it meets the criteria under the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Every situation is different ~ please discuss this and other legalities with the Career Advisor.

Do I have to provide Worker’s Compensation?

In a paid internship, interns are considered employees of the business/organization and the employer must cover the intern under their worker’s compensation policy. In an unpaid internship, if the internship meets FLSA criteria and is approved by the Career Advisor, FVCC provides worker’s compensation for the student.

Be sure to note this on the signed Internship Agreement, along with the salary provided in a paid internship.

What are my training & paperwork responsibilities as an internship provider?

The training will revolve around the internship description you submitted online when you registered as an employer in the FVCC Career Board and a Learning Objectives student assignment.  Before the intern starts, please orient the student to health and safety and other organizational policies.  We do ask that the student receive regular feedback regarding their performance at least weekly.  Please feel free to consult with the faculty advisor assigned to monitor student learning.

We have made every attempt to minimize the paperwork for the internship while providing quality learning and meeting legal requirements.  Paperwork involved includes only the Internship Agreement, your signature on the Learning Objectives, tracking and initialing Monthly Time Sheets, and the completion of a Mid-Term and Final Evaluation.  It is the responsibility of the student to provide you with the necessary forms on a timely basis.

How do I request an intern?

Please contact the Career Advisor to find out how to structure your learning opportunity to best fit the program, training and legal requirements while meeting your business needs.  After that discussion takes place, please register as an employer in the FVCC Career Board.

Do faculty monitor the learning during the internship?

Yes, an internship is a course offering, and a faculty member monitors the student’s learning during the internship.  Their responsibilities include working with the student on their learning objectives, monitoring activities & learning through an activity log or blog, conducting an on-site visit, tracking hours completed, evaluating the mid-term and final internship provider evaluations and assigning a grade.  Faculty is available to help “trouble-shoot” any student related issues that may arise during the internship.