The FVCC Career Board, powered by Purple Briefcase, is a place for employers to post job and internship openings geared toward students and alumni. It also offers opportunities for student mentoring. For FVCC Staff & Faculty, email for your account.

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Thank you for your interest in hiring an FVCC student or alumni!  Please register as an employer in our online job board, CONNECT and enter your job or internship opening there.  Once registered, you may easily edit, update, open/close and copy jobs for re-posting later. Job and internship openings are viewable online by students and alumni via their student portal and listings are posted on bulletin boards around campus and in our campus “Privy Press” on a weekly basis.

All employers and jobs undergo an in-house review process prior to approval.  Profile and job entries will be reviewed and added each business day. You will receive an automatic email upon approval.  Jobs not meeting the criteria in the disclaimer statement will not be approved.


Internships can be a recruiting tool for potential employees as they offer a short term opportunity for you to train and try-out a potential employee before you hire them.

Most FVCC interns are more than halfway through their studies, have demonstrated their dedication and interest in an industry or occupation, and are motivated to utilize their classroom learning and skills in a real life environment. Interns gain experience through actual hands-on work, so although there will be training involved on your part, you will likely benefit from getting projects or tasks accomplished that may otherwise go undone!

Internship sites can learn and benefit from the recent training of students and gain a fresh perspective.  The input you provide to FVCC helps us hone our curriculum to make we are preparing our students for the workplace. Many employers participate simply because they were once students, too, and want to be able to give back to the institution or community.

Please read the Employer Internship FAQs to see if you qualify to host an internship prior to posting.


Internship Agreement Form

Internship Provider Handbook