• During the registration window, students have the option of adding their names to a waitlist for a class that is already full.
  • If spaces become available, students on the waitlist are contacted via phone and email. Students are held responsible for making sure their contact information is up to date in their Student Portal.
  • Students have 24 hours to accept/deny the open seats.

There are two stages in the waitlist process.

Stage 1: Registration opens through the day before classes start: As spaces become available in a course, students on a waitlist are contacted in order. Students are given 24 hours to accept or deny the open space. If the student does not respond in the given time frame, the next person on the waitlist will be given the opportunity. Students are removed from the wait-list (for this section) if they fail to respond or deny the space.

Stage 2: Once classes have begun: Once classes have begun, students will no longer be contacted regarding their waitlist status. If there are any remaining spaces available in a course, instructors may sign-in students who attend the first day of class with a registration form. Students on a waitlist who don’t attend the first day of class are at risk of losing their place on the waitlist. Instructors may choose whether or not to accept students from the waitlist.

Students can review their placement on a waitlist for a course at any time by accessing the Student Portal registration information.