A student can earn money to help pay educational expenses and gain valuable work experience with work-study. While most positions are on-campus, opportunities may involve community service work, and when possible, work is related to a student’s course of study. Positions range from tutoring young children to clerical positions to data entry.

Are you Eligible?

Eligibility for work-study depends on financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Since funds are limited, students applying by the priority filing date of March 1st have the best opportunity to receive a work-study award.

Applying for Work-Study

To apply for work-study a student indicates on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) that they are interested in work-study.

Getting a Work-Study Job

If a student is awarded and has accepted the work-study award, the student is sent a letter inviting them to a Work-Study Workshop held in August where the program is explained in depth and questions are answered. All Students must complete an I-9, W-4 and sign a contract in order to be eligible to begin working.

Check out our list of currently available work study jobs.

Work-Study Pay and Maximum Number of Hours

Work-Study positions are hourly wage jobs in which a student works for an employer according to a mutually agreed-upon schedule and is paid by check on a monthly basis for the hours worked the previous month. Currently rates of pay are between $9.00 and $11.00 per hour. The maximum number of hours a student may work per week is 20.

Work-Study awards are not automatically applied towards a student’s tuition bill, nor is the amount of the award guaranteed. An award simply authorizes a student to participate in the program and sets a limit as to the amount of income a student can earn during the academic year. It is the responsibility of the student to work enough hours to reach the earnings limit and to budget the money wisely throughout the year to meet necessary college costs.

For more information, please contact the Work Study Coordinator (406) 756-3960 or email at dgrabowski@fvcc.edu.