What is a Work-Study Award?

Work-Study is a funding source that is used to pay student employee wages. It is a federal and state subsidized program designed to promote part-time employment of students to help them avoid excessive debt while in college. As a student employee, students gain valuable work experience, develop new skills, and earn a pay check to help meet their educational and living expenses.

Work-Study awards are not applied towards a student’s tuition bill, nor is the amount of the award guaranteed. An award simply authorizes a student to participate in the program and sets a limit as to the amount of income a student can earn during the academic year. It is the responsibility of the student to work enough hours to reach the earnings limit and to budget the money wisely throughout the year to meet necessary college costs.

  • Work-Study funds are awarded as part of a student’s financial aid package.
  • Work-Study awards are based on financial need and available funding.
  • Any changes in a student’s financial aid package may result in a decrease in Work-Study funding.
  • A Work-Study award does not guarantee employment.
  • Students must participate in the recruitment process by applying to current student employment opportunities posted at www.fvcc.edu/jobs.

Are you Eligible?

Eligibility for a work-study award depends on financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Since funds are limited, students applying by the priority filing date of March 1st and December 1st have the best opportunity to receive a work-study award.

Applying for Work-Study

To apply for a work-study award, a student must indicate on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) that they are interested in receiving a work-study award.

Eligibility for Student Employment

In order to be eligible for student employment, a student must:

  • be enrolled at FVCC as a credit-seeking student and maintain a minimum of six (6) credits per semester (audited classes are not considered degree-granted credits and do not count toward the credit hour requirement.), and
  • maintain satisfactory academic progress per FVCC student guidelines.

Getting a Student Employment Job

Most posted student employment jobs require the student to upload a resume to the online application system. So before you start your job search, create a resume.

Then visit FVCC’s Job Opportunities site and review posted Student job openings. Be sure to review the Minimum Qualifications section carefully because some jobs may require specific experience or the completion of specific classes in order for you to be considered. When you see jobs that parallel your interest or experience, you are encouraged to apply for them—even if you are interested in more than one job.

After you review the job posting and decide that you want to apply, you will click the Apply button at the bottom of the posting to start the application process.

Once you complete and submit the application, you will receive an email that confirms your application was submitted. If you don’t receive the email, it could mean the system timed-out or you didn’t upload all of the required documents or didn’t enter information in a required field.

If you need any assistance in completing the online application, please contact Denise Grabowski, Student Employment Coordinator: (406) 756-3960 or dgrabowski@fvcc.edu.

If you are selected to interview, the supervisor will contact you directly.

Pay and Maximum Number of Hours Students May Work Per Week

Student employment positions are paid hourly, and students work for supervisors according to a mutually agreed-upon schedule and are paid semi-monthly (pay days are the 15th and the last day of the month). Hourly rates of pay are dependent on the position, but are between $12.00 and $14.00 per hour. Depending on the supervisor’s needs, the maximum hours per week a student may work is up to 19 hours.

You Get a Job—Now What? Onboarding and Work-Study Funding Contract

Once the supervisor lets you know that they have hired you, the Student Employment Coordinator will contact you regarding the onboarding process. After the onboarding process is complete, Financial Aid will issue a work-study funding contract to the supervisor. The supervisor and the newly hired student employee will meet to review the contract, and then sign and return the contract to Financial Aid. Then the student employee can start working.

For more information and support regarding Financial Aid and Work Study Awards, please contact the staff in the Financial Aid office at (406) 756-3849.

For information and support with Student Employment, please contact Denise Grabowski, Student Employment Coordinator: (406) 756-3960 or dgrabowski@fvcc.edu.