If a student totally withdraws or stops attending classes before the 60% point of a semester, federal regulations require that the student and/or institution return a portion of the Title IV Funds received to the federal government.

Financial Aid students who desire to officially withdraw from classes must visit with the Director of Financial Aid prior to starting the withdrawal process. The Director will explain the consequences of withdrawal to the student and explore possible alternatives that would preserve the student’s eligibility for continued aid.

The student’s withdrawal date is the earlier of the date they began the withdrawal process or last attended classes. For a student who didn’t officially withdraw, the withdrawal date is the last date of attendance as reported by the instructor, or the 50% point of the semester.

The student’s withdrawal date, in calendar days, is used to determine the percentage of the semester the student completed. This percentage, multiplied by the amount of Title IV funds received by the student, determines the amount of aid that was earned by the student and that can be kept by the institution and/or student.