A student will be placed on Financial Aid Warning if:

  • The cumulative GPA is less than the required 2.0 listed in the Qualitative Measurement section.


  • The student has not successfully completed 67% of the term credits or the cumulative attempted credits.

A student placed on Warning status will be permitted to receive grants, scholarship, loans, and federal work-study during this Warning period. By the end of this period the student must meet all the Satisfactory Academic Progress guidelines to be returned to good standing.

A student will be placed on Financial Aid Suspension if: (after their Warning period)

  • The cumulative GPA remains less than the 2.0 requirement.


  • The student still has not successfully completed the minimum 67% of the term or the cumulative attempted credits.

Additionally, a student will be placed on immediate Suspension if:

  • The student fails to receive a passing grade (a ā€œDā€ or above) in all of their courses or fails to receive at least a 1.0 term GPA.

A student placed on Suspension will lose his/her eligibility to receive financial assistance. Students with a current FAFSA on file will receive a notice in writing of their Warning/Suspension status. Standards are enforced even if no prior financial aid was received.