Rights & Responsibilities

The following policies apply to students who receive any of the following kinds of Financial Assistance: Pell, SEOG, MHEG, MTAP, Federal Work Study, State Work Study, Direct or Plus Loans.

When your Financial Aid Award is revised, you are sent a revised award letter. Therefore, always read your most recent award letter to confirm your Financial Aid Award for the academic year.

Do I have to pay my bill if I am eligible for financial aid?

All accounts are due in full prior to the start of the semester unless these accounts are paid in full by financial aid and/or scholarships.

FVCC’s Payment Plan is available to assist you with paying your bill by offering a monthly payment plan. For more information, contact Business Services at 756-3831.

How do I purchase my books?

If your Financial Aid Award is greater than your bill for tuition and fees, you may be allowed to charge your books providing it does not exceed the amount of the aid refund.

To purchase your books, complete a textbook reservation in the bookstore or on-line at www.fvccbookstore.com.

What happens if I withdraw from FVCC?

You are encouraged to meet with your instructors and academic advisors, utilize tutorial services and speak with the Financial Aid Staff before withdrawing from FVCC. This is important because your withdrawal may affect your eligibility for financial aid and could result in you having to repay all or a portion of your financial aid award to FVCC or the Department of Education.

Do I need good grades to get Financial Aid?

Yes! We are required to confirm that you are attending and passing all of your courses and progressing toward your program of study at FVCC. This is called Satisfactory Academic Progress. If you do not maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress, you risk losing your Financial Aid Awards.

  • You must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA and
  • Complete at least 67% of your attempted hours to remain in good standing.

FVCC’s Financial Aid Office reserves the right to change its policies and procedures in this brochure at any time during the period this publication is in effect.