CDL (HEO 103)

Flathead Valley Community College’s Commercial Truck Driver (CDL)  course prepares students with the skills and knowledge necessary to obtain a Class “A” Commercial Driver License (CDL) learner’s permit.  The course provides students the abilities to demonstrate a level of proficiency in driving commercial trucks so they are prepared to enter the workforce as entry-level commercial truck drivers.

The course provides students the driving experience needed to pass the pre-trip, skills and driving exam for the Montana Class “A” CDL.  The hands-on lab exercises, including simulator and backing practice, loading and dumping practices and procedures, transportation of heavy equipment and shop time, are designed to provide students with the driving skills they will use in a working environment.

Students will gain knowledge of federal and state regulations, safety procedures, hazardous materials, bills of lading, trip report procedures, loading and securing, and air brake systems.

The six-week course consists of four phases:

  • Phase I 
  • Phase II
  • Phase III
  • Phase IV

Any student who fails the Montana CDL test is provided remedial training on deficient areas and rescheduled for an additional test date.

Students must meet all of the following requirements in order to be accepted into the HEO 103 program:

  • Possess a valid regular driver’s license
  • Speak and read English