Surveying A.A.S.
  • Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

Graduates of the FVCC Surveying Program have one of the nation’s highest pass rates on the Land Surveyor Intern (LSI) licensing exam.

With the rapid expansion of technology and spatial data, surveying involves much more than people standing on the side of the road taking measurements. Along with surveying land boundaries and construction projects, surveyors are collectors, processors, managers and presenters of spatial data.

FVCC offers the only surveying degree program in Montana. Students from around the country enroll in FVCC’s Surveying Program because of its national reputation.

The FVCC Surveying Program is home to one of Montana’s Continuously Operating Reference Stations (MTFV-CORS). This station collects reference data that allows anyone with survey-grade GPS receivers to pinpoint their locations to approximately the nearest centimeter. Reference files are stored at the National Geodetic Survey website where they are available to the public. (

Licensing Exams

Upon completion of this degree, graduates may take the Land Surveyor Intern (LSI) licensing exam. In Montana, an additional six years of experience under the supervision of a licensed surveyor is required before the Land Surveyor (LS) licensing exam can be taken.

Students seeking licensure in other states should verify specific state educational and experience requirements.

Career Opportunities

The Surveying Program at FVCC provides an excellent opportunity to enter the surveying profession. Surveyors may be self-employed, work with private sector firms or be employed by local, state or federal government agencies.

Graduates are likely to have a wide variety of job opportunities to choose from across Montana and the nation since there are more surveying-related jobs than there are skilled professionals to fill them.


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