Computer Science Transfer Track
  • Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS)

Computer technology is in the cars we drive, the appliances we use, the services we utilize and the games we play.

Computer Science is the theoretical investigations and practical applications of computer technology, programming and applications. People who are trained in computer science are in demand in almost every facet of society, including business, government and nonprofit entities. Computer Science graduates often find employment in high-tech or scientific areas.

FVCC’s Computer Science transfer track prepares students to pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer science at many four-year institutions, including Montana State University-Bozeman, Montana Tech and the University of Montana-Missoula.


  • A career in computer science in itself can lead to high-paying jobs, or it can be combined with another field to create your ideal career. For example, students could combine the following fields:
    • art and computer science for a career in computer animation;
    • criminal justice and computer science for a career in computer security or forensics;
    • medicine and computer science for a career in medical technology;
    • computer science and engineering for a career in robotics and artificial intelligence;
    • education and computer science for a career in educational technology.
  • A degree in computer science prepares students to pursue careers in programming, software development, systems analysts, software architect, web developer, cyber security and more.
  • Computer science salaries:
    • Computer and information research scientists: $135,800
    • Software developers: $106,860
    • Application developer: $100,080
    • Information security analysts: $92,600
    • Systems Engineer/Systems Architect: $86,510
    • Video Game Designer: $86,510
    • Database administrators: $84,950
    • Network and computer systems administrator: $79,700
    • Web developer/designer: $66,130

Attributes of Successful Computer Science Professionals

  • Mathematically and technologically adept
  • Enjoy troubleshooting problems and identifying solutions
  • Team player with good communication skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Ability to think both analytically and creatively

In addition to General Education Requirements, computer science students typically take the following courses at FVCC prior to transferring:

Course NumberCourse Title
CSCI 127Joy and Beauty of Data
CSCI 113Programming with C++I
CSCI 121Programming with Java II
CSCI 132Basic Datastructures and Algorithms
CSCI 232Datastructures and Algorithms
M 171Calculus I
M 172Calculus II
M 221Introduction to Linear Algebra
M 225Introduction to Discrete Mathematics

Transfer Tips

  • Transferring to a bachelor’s degree program in computer science is easy through FVCC’s partnerships with state universities.
  • Students should become familiar with the curriculum at their transfer school of choice and work with an advisor to choose courses that will support that school’s program requirements.
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