Chemistry Transfer Track
  • Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS)

Chemistry is broadly defined as the physical science of matter and the changes matter undergoes. This discipline includes the study of atoms and molecules, and how these sub-microscopic objects combine with one another in chemical reactions. Understanding the fundamentals of chemistry serves as a foundation to nearly all other areas of science. Applications of chemistry are widespread in industry, environmental science, and medicine. A few careers that rely heavily on chemical principles are chemical engineering, biology, pharmacy, pharmacology, medicine, veterinary medicine, geology, psychology, criminology, business, industry, law, journalism, and art.

In addition to courses required in their major areas of study, colleges and universities require students working toward baccalaureate degrees to complete certain general education requirements. Students should be able to complete the general education requirements of the Montana University System and earn an Associate of Science (AS) degree by following FVCC’s chemistry transfer track. Students intending to begin their work at FVCC toward a degree or a major in chemistry should carefully consult the current catalog of the college or university to which they anticipate transferring. Every program has specific degree requirements. Montana State University – Bozeman offers bachelor degrees in chemistry and biochemistry with professional and teaching options. Montana Technological University offers bachelor programs in chemistry, biochemistry, environmental chemistry, and a professional option. The University of Montana – Missoula offers bachelor degrees in chemistry, biochemistry, biological chemistry, environmental chemistry, pharmacology, pharmacy, forensic science, and a professional option. MSU and UM also offer graduate study programs leading to the MS and PhD degrees.


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David Long

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