Machinist Technician, CTS


Industrial Machine Technology

The Industrial Machine Technology program provides instruction in the theory and operation of mills and lathes, both manual and CNC; other tools related to the machinist trade; and associated programming. Upon completion of this program, students will be able to

  • Apply quantitative skills in conjunction with trade handbook information to solve problems;
  • Effectively communicate during the problem solving process;
  • Use tools and equipment to form and machine various materials in a manufacturing laboratory environment;
  • Describe precision measurement and quality control procedures;
  • Use various precision measuring tools including a coordinate measuring machine;
  • Demonstrate advanced machining operationsperformed on CNCand Swiss CNC machines;
  • Produce advanced programs using G code; and
  • Demonstrate advanced techniques that are used on manual mills and lathes.

Optional Course Offering:

Admission Guidelines

Proof of a score of 55 (Level 1) or higher in Intro/Beginning Algebra on the FVCC Math Placement, OR an official copy of a transcript proving "C-" or better in M065, its equivalent, or a higher math course. For more information visit

Program Information

  • An internship is optional for this program. Students must apply for internship placementsthe prior semester. For more information, contact Cathy Allard, Career Advisor, at (406) 756-3803 or

Opportunities after Graduation

  • CNC machinists work in machinery and machine tool manufacturing, small arms manufacturing, and machine shops. Growth in the manufacturing industry and the need to replace an aging workforce is expected to provide opportunities for graduates.
  • Between 500 and 600machinists are currently employed in Montana. Employment projections anticipate an increase of between 70 and 120 jobs over the next several years.

Advising Information:

For more information about this program, contact the FVCC Student Support Center.

Student Support Center Advisor
OT 109
(406) 756-4862