Brewing Science and Brewery Operations, AAS

This program has been placed into moratorium and is not accepting new students at this time.


The Brewing Science and Brewery Operations program is designed for the entry-level brewer wishing to expand theoretical knowledge and experience in the field of brewing science and business operations. Graduates should be prepared for mid-level brewery jobs with potential for management or entrepreneurial ventures commensurate with field experience. Students will build on an operations-based foundation (first-year CTS curriculum) with second-level brewing coursework, as well as chemistry and business operations classes. Students have exclusive use of the custom 4-barrel campus brewery and pilot system, quality lab, and classroom. They will complete coursework including topics in brewing technology and operations, fermentation sciences, recipe design, sensory techniques, brewery safety and compliance, and business applications. Upon successful completion of the Brewing Science and Brewery Operations AAS, students will be able to

  • Formulate beer recipes with an integral understanding of the ingredients and processes in mind;
  • Analyze yeast fermentation performance and the influence health and nutrients have on the end beer flavor, aroma, and stability;
  • Aseptically handle and propagate yeast for use and re-use in brewery fermentations;
  • Understand stability techniques employed by small and large breweries;
  • Perform chemical analysis of beer ingredients and products and asses for brewing and shelf-life suitability;
  • Understand inventory management of raw ingredients and product and build software to assist in tracking and predictions;
  • Write a start-up business plan for a brewery; and
  • Perform all aspects of commercial brewery production from raw ingredient procurement to packaging with quality, consistency, safety and sanitization as priorities.
First Year


Fall Semester


First Semester Total: 18


Spring Semester


Second Semester Total: 17


Second Year


Note: Students may take BREW 298 for 1 or 2 credits at a time, this semester and/or next. Semester credit totals will vary depending on the student’s choice. Overall, students must earn at least 2 credits in BREW 298 to meet the total 61 credits required for the program.


Spring Semester


Second Semester Total: 13


Total Credits: 61


1WRIT 101W/BMGT 205C, COMX 111C/COMX 115C, and CAPP 116 may be taken during any semester, including summer semester.
2A professional brewing internship is required for this program. Students may repeat BREW 298 to complete a minimum of two internship credits and a maximum of four. Students are eligible to take internships after the second semester in the program and will be guided through the application process.
RIndicates Related Instruction requirement.
*Indicates prerequisite and/or corequisite needed. Check course description.