Agricultural Business Transfer to Montana State University-Bozeman


Transfer Articulation Agreement

The following program of study has been established to prepare students for transfer to Montana State University-Bozeman in Agricultural Business. Students who complete the following course of study to earn an Associate of Science degree from FVCC, are guaranteed acceptance of designated major-related creditsat MSU to complete the Agricultural Business Bachelor of Sciencecurriculum focused on either Ag Business or Farm and Ranch Management. See an advisor for more information about this transfer opportunity.

First Year

First Year Total: 32-33

Second Year

Second Year Total: 29

Total Credits: 61-62

*Indicates prerequisite and/or corequisite needed. Check course description.

The information on all transfer programs is subject to change. Students should work closely with an advisor to determine course of study.

General Education Courses

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MSU Bozeman Transfer Program Options

Upon completion of the above FVCC coursework and acceptance into MSU Bozeman, students will follow the MSU catalog to complete a B.S. in Agricultural Business with a concentration in either Agribusiness Management or Farm and Ranch Management.

Advising Information:

For more information about this program, contact the FVCC Student Support Center or the Faculty Advisor.

Student Support Center Advisor Faculty Advisor
Russ Lamson Heather Estrada, Ph.D.
LRC 104 RH 108
(406) 756-3885 (406) 756-4182