The refund schedule presumes the account is paid in full at the time of registration. It is based on the total amount owed the college, not the amount paid. Starting Spring 2019, the refund schedule will change to the following:

Refund Schedule:

8 to 16-week courses:
Courses that last at least 56 calendar daysRefund %
1st week of semester100%
2nd week of semester50%
After 2nd week of semesterNo Refund


Classes beginning before or after the 1st week of the semester:Refund %
1st week of class100%
2nd week of class50%
After 2nd week of classNo Refund


Short Courses up to 8 weeks:
Courses less than 56 calendar daysRefund %
1st business day following 1st class100%
After 1st business day following 1st classNo Refund


  • Students must officially withdraw from the college at the Admissions and Records Office located in Blake Hall.
  • Tuition and fees are refunded at the time the student officially withdraws according to the refund schedule listed.
  • The amount (percentage) of the refund is calculated based on the TOTAL tuition and fee charges.
  • When a student whose tuition and fees are paid under contractual agreement withdraws, he/she is required to make full payment on the balance owed.
  • Refunds are calculated from the date of official withdrawal, not from the date the student stopped attending classes.
  • The college processes refunds weekly to student with a verified credit balance and refunds are processed within 14 days.
  • Refunds are mailed to the students’ address on file with the Business Office.
  • When the college cancels classes, refunds of all tuition and fees for the cancelled classes are issued automatically.

Questions regarding refunds should be directed to the Business Services Office in BH/SCA 132, or call (406) 756-3831.