Apr 19, 2012

FVCC Theatre Presents Second International 10 Minute Play Festival

Flathead Valley Community College Theatre will present its second biennial International 10 Minute Play Festival April 27 and 28 and May 4 and 5.  The production is comprised of 12 original 10-minute plays selected from over 500 submissions from across the nation and the globe.

Each play has been cast and directed by a different FVCC directing student.  Narrowing the selection of plays was a sizable task undertaken by a team of three local theatre professionals:  George Cowan, Dawn Watland, and James Mohn.  Once each play was reviewed and scored, the top 30 were presented to FVCC Theatre Instructor Rich Haptonstall’s beginning directing class at FVCC.  The 12 student directors picked their favorite plays to produce onstage and held auditions, cast their plays and have been holding rehearsals since the beginning of March.

“It has been great to see these students jump right in.  Almost all of them were inexperienced directors, but they have really taken charge and worked exceptionally hard,” said Haptonstall.  “I’ve been extremely impressed with the overall quality of the directing, acting, and writing this year.”

The plays offer an eclectic group of genres and styles.

“Ten-minute plays lend themselves to a skit style, but within this lineup, the students have produced everything from stylized, zany faces to dark and psychological pieces,” said Haptonstall.

The plays presented during the International 10 Minute Play Festival include:  “The Sharpie” by Suzanne Baillie, directed by Shelby Biederman; “The Sum of Your Experience” by Trace Crawford, directed by Aaron Tumer; “The Silence” by Connie Schindewolf, directed by Taylor Baer; “Curse the Darkness” by Patrick Gabridge, directed by Eric Jeffords; “Paper Swan” by Amina Henry, directed by Hugh Butterfield; “Portrait of an Artist as a Middle Aged Woman” by Jerry Lieblich, directed by Caitlin Bloom; “Getting Lucky” by Chris Swanson, directed by  Johni Lotze; “Life Lines” by Donna Hoke, directed by Brett Sward; “All the Answers” by Mark Cornell, directed by Rich Haptonstall; “Dark Water” by Alan Stolzer, directed by Kenny Griggs; “After the Prologue” by Carol Lashof, directed by Tristen Crosswhite; and “Fighting Mr. Right” by Babs Lindsay, directed by Ashley Bloom.

Showings will begin at 7 p.m. in the FVCC Theatre inside the Arts and Technology building on the Kalispell campus.  Admission is free, and seats will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.  Donations to compensate the playwrights will be accepted at the door.  For more information, contact Rich Haptonstall at or at 756-3962.