May 19, 2011

FVCC Scholars Conference on Student Research Winners Announced

Nearly 170 students from Flathead Valley Community College and Whitefish High School presented their research projects to the community May 6 during the college’s second annual Scholars Conference on Student Research.

Nearly 50 student presentations were delivered and more than 70 research posters were showcased during the event.  Project topics ranged widely in such categories as biology, natural resources, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, history, psychology, anthropology, nursing, business, math, ethics and computer science, among others.

Presentation winners and their research topics included:

First Place:  Becca Eisenman—Treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder through the Aide of Memory Blunting;

Second Place:  Al Steiner and Mike Becker—Comparing the Ideal Rocket Equation and Numerical Methods for Model Rockets;

Third Place:  Al Steiner—Labeling Electrospray Deposition; and

Honorable Mention:  Teri VonderHeide—Advanced Alzheimer’s and Euthanasia

Poster winners and their research topics included:

First Place:  Brandon Conner—Is Signing a Real Language?

Second Place:  Jordan Dennison—Defoliating Insects of Northwest Montana;

Third Place:  Brennan Boots—Biodiversity Study near Swan River; and

Honorable Mention:  Mercedes Oxford—Religion and the Brain; and Lori Eckart and Regan West—Root Diseases of Northwest Conifers.

For more information, contact Ivan Lorentzen, director, The Scholars Program at FVCC, at 756-3864 or at