Apr 26, 2017

FVCC Responds to Reduction in State Funding

Flathead Valley Community College will receive less state funding than originally anticipated for the 2019 Biennium (July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2019). The funding will be approximately $1.3 million less than the community college funding formula projection.

On April 25, the FVCC Board of Trustees approved a tuition and fee increase of $16.40 per credit. The revenue generated by the increase in tuition and fees will cover less than 50 percent of the budget shortfall that was projected. The tuition and fee increase was recommended by FVCC’s Budget Committee, which included student representation. A student forum was held last week, and all students had an opportunity to comment on the budget recommendation.

“I highly value not only my own education, but the ability for everyone to seek education. My fellow students whom I have randomly questioned have all agreed that we would prefer to pay a little extra in tuition than to lose out on the quality of education and services that we currently receive. Regardless of the outcome of this, we will continue to work toward a strong future, and we will persevere in reaching our goals. What we do to advance beyond the roadblocks and detours in life is what will define us and help us succeed in achieving the future toward which we aspire,” said FVCC Student Government President Garret Deffert.

In addition to a tuition and fee increase, FVCC will reduce expenditures. The college is working diligently to continue to meet and support the educational goals of students without a major impact on programs or services.

“Our continued focus is on providing access to education and support for students to be successful in completing their educational goals. Due to receiving less State funding than expected from the Legislature, we will cut expenditures in an already lean budget, and will also increase tuition to ensure that our students continue to receive the quality of educational services for which we are known. We will work with any student who is challenged by the tuition increase to help them through financial assistance, including payment plans, loans or scholarships. FVCC is committed to helping all students achieve an education,” said FVCC President Jane Karas.

FVCC’s strategic goals include: 1) increase access to education; 2) increase student academic success; and 3) provide diverse educational opportunities. The college will continue to support these goals and meet the needs of the community.

President Karas encourages anyone with comments or questions to contact her on Friday, April 28 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 756-3801.