Apr 25, 2012

FVCC Offers Two-Week Life Drawing Course

Flathead Valley Community College will offer a two-week Life Drawing course beginning May 14.

The three-credit course, instructed by John Rawlings, will be an intensive studio class designed for experienced art students to study the human form.

“This will be the third year that this workshop has been offered,” explained Rawlings.  “The luxury of being able to draw a single pose for a six-hour period of time happens rarely, and in the two previous classes, some remarkable drawings have been produced.  The course offers an intense combination of work and camaraderie that brings together some of the Valley’s finest artists.”

The course, intended for those with prior drawing instruction, will lead students into a long, careful study of the human figure.  Each day will be devoted to one pose, and the students will work and re-work their drawings for the entire studio period.  Students will work in dry media only, and all paper will be supplied.

The course will meet weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. through May 25.  For more information, contact Rawlings at 756-3896.  To learn how to register for the course, visit or call 756-3848.