Nov 2, 2011

FVCC First in Montana to Launch Career Coach Online Search Tool

Flathead Valley Community College has become the first organization in Montana to launch Career Coach, an online tool that allows students, community members and others to explore career opportunities in Northwest Montana.  The tool is available on the college’s Web site,

“We are very excited to offer our community this simple, easy-to-use Web-based tool” said Karen Darrow, FVCC Career Development Coordinator.  “It’s an excellent way to learn about the necessary training and education needed to become qualified for specific jobs.”

Career Coach provides real-time, local information including detailed wage estimates, job trends and up-to-date job postings specifically for Northwest Montana.  The tool connects users to FVCC’s program information so users can learn about the available FVCC programs of study that can prepare them to enter into specific occupations.

“Or if someone is interested in pursuing another career in the same field, that person can use Career Coach to search similar jobs and learn which skills they need to gain to qualify for those specific careers,” said Darrow.

In addition, Career Coach includes a resume builder to help students and jobseekers quickly and efficiently construct an updated resume that highlights key skills and job experience.

The tools’ benefits, however, are not limited to job seekers or prospective students.  It can be beneficial for high school and college counselors, area workforce development agencies and market research analysts.

“We encourage everyone to try Career Coach to see how wonderful it is,” said Darrow.  “We hope that this tool will become a key resource for our community.”

The tool is available to the public and does not require a user name or password.

For more information or to request assistance in using the tool, contact the FVCC Career Center at 756-3880.