Apr 18, 2014


Flathead Valley Community College is accepting nominations for qualified individuals for the prestigious Eagle Award.

Implemented in 1990, the award honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the college.  There are no limitations to the nature of the contributions, which include but are not limited to monetary, physical and material donations.

Anyone is welcome to nominate an individual for the award.  Nominees can include members of the local, state or national community, or any member of the college, defined as student, part-time or full-time faculty, administrator, staff member, board member or alumni.

Past recipients of the award include:  1990-91: Owen Sowerwine; 1991-92: Larry Blake; 1992-93: Roger Rettenmeier; 1993-94: Janice Hart; 1994-95: Janet Bierrum; 1995-96: Jeanette Oliver; 1996-97: Lil Laidlaw; 1997-98: Faith Hodges; 1998-99: Shirley Bowdish and Mel Ruder; 1999-2000: Pat LaTourelle; 2000-2001: Dr. Herman “Chet” Ross; 2001-2002: Kathy Hughes; 2002-2003: Annie Beall; 2003-2004: F. Charles “Chuck” Mercord; 2004-2005: Ivan Lorentzen; 2005-2006: George Shryock; 2006-2007: Bill Roope; 2007-2008: Paul Williams; 2008-2009: John Engebretson; 2009-2010:  Ruth Ackroyd; 2010-2011: Bill and Lois McClaren; 2011-2012 Nancy Gordley; and 2012-2013 the Mercord family.

The perpetual award of the college symbol, a soaring bald eagle, is permanently displayed in the foyer of Blake Hall on the college’s Kalispell campus.  Each year, the recipient’s name is engraved on a gold plate and placed under the eagle.  The annual award is presented to the recipient at a special institutional function.

The deadline for the college to receive award nominations is May 2 at noon.  Nominations can be completed online at  Nomination forms also are available through the President’s Office or by calling Monica Settles at 756-3801.