May 15, 2012

Camera Club Photos for Sale to Benefit FVCC Scholarship Fund

Pat Thomas, member of the Flathead Valley Camera Club, stands next to the two photographs currently for sale.

Pat Thomas has a history of implementing creative scholarships to benefit students at Flathead Valley Community College, and he’s at it again.  This time, professional photos taken by the Flathead Valley Camera Club are up for sale, and the proceeds will fund a scholarship for an art student.

Over the past 15 years, Thomas has been instrumental in setting up scholarships for FVCC students through the Flathead National Forrest Service and Glacier National Park.  Thomas said he is pleased that these scholarships are still in existence, and he is ready to implement another scholarship that stands alone.  He employed the help of the Flathead Valley Camera Club and Photo Video Plus to do just that.

Thomas has been a member of the Camera Club for two years, and he knows first-hand how significant it is to have a photo published as a photographer.  He used the photographers’ aspiration to be published as a catalyst to create the Flathead Valley Camera Club Scholarship Fund.

“I thought it was an interesting concept,” said Thomas.  “I put the desire to publish and sell photos together with the desire to create something meaningful for students.”

The first scholarship will be awarded for the 2012-2013 academic year to an art student studying photography, visual arts, graphic arts or another type of design arts.

“Mamma Black Bear and Cub” taken by Brett Swain
“Mamma Black Bear and Cub” taken by Brett Swain

According to Thomas, the value of the scholarship depends entirely on the support the college sees from the community in terms of sales of the photos.

“These are beautiful photographs taken by local photographers.  Our hope is that through the sale of these photos, we will be able to make a difference the life of a student,” he said.  “We hope to support many more students in the coming years!”

In total, six photographers from the Flathead Valley Camera Club including Dee Blank, Kevin Bartsch, Sandra Marker, Devvi Morgan, Rex Short, and Brett Swain donated five images each to the cause.  The photos available for sale will be interchanged periodically.  The two

“Going-to-the-Sun Mountain” taken by Sandra Marker
“Going-to-the-Sun Mountain” taken by Sandra Marker

photographs currently available for purchase are “Mamma Black Bear and Cub” taken by Brett Swain and “Going-to-the-Sun Mountain” taken by Sandra Marker.

The photographs, on sale for $150 each, are on display in Blake Hall on the college’s campus.  They also can be viewed and purchased online at  Photo processing has been donated by Photo Video Plus, and photos will be shipped ready to be matted and framed.   For more information, contact Pat Thomas at (406) 270-9705 or at