Enjoy access to a full-time, professional tutor at the Lincoln County campus through the Academic Reinforcement Center (ARC) Lab. The service is free and offered in group or individual sessions. Our knowledgeable, caring instructor will ensure you grasp essential concepts in math, provide assistance in editing papers, help you build technology skills and offer tips for conducting research that make the most of your college education.


The ARC Lab, one of two designated quiet study rooms on campus, is open Monday through Thursday: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


To schedule an individual or group appointment with the Tutorial Assistant, call (406) 293-2721 ext. 232.

Additional services

You may also take advantage of such Lincoln County Campus services as:

  • Career and personal counseling
  • Academic and financial aid advising
  • Math, language arts and computer labs
  • Courses in developmental math and language arts.
  • Career awareness and study skills.