You’ll find the staff at the Lincoln County Campus interested in helping meet your academic, social and personal needs. Our student services coordinator will get you in touch with just the right people. The specific services you’ll find include:


Expect personalized guidance and attention that’s hard to match even at small colleges and universities. We’ll help you through the admission process, which begins with filling out an application. Next, you’ll take a placement test if you plan to pursue a degree or certificate.


Once your application is complete, you can register for classes by calling (406) 293-2721.


As a trusted source of guidance and insight, our advisors will help you navigate our programs and choose the course of study that best fits your needs. They’ll work closely with you in determining your schedule, so you’ll enjoy an easy transition to any four-year institution or career path you choose.

Financial Aid

Be sure to apply for financial aid. More than half of FVCC students receive some form of financial assistance, making our low-cost tuition even more affordable.


Students benefit from many institutional as well as privately funded scholarships. For a complete list of scholarships available at LCC and the FVCC Kalispell campus, view our scholarships.


Students benefit from a tutoring lab. Get one-on-one guidance for math, help writing research papers and assistance editing your written work. To make an appointment with the tutor, call (406) 293-2721 ext 232.

Navigating computer programs is easy with knowledgeable guidance from our Academic Reinforcement Lab. They’ll help you with word processing, spreadsheets, scanning documents and creating student folders on the campus server.