Job training is a high priority for Flathead Valley Community College. We provide training for needs specific to employers and members of the Lincoln County community with non-credit courses. You’ll find our programming relevant and administrators responsive to meeting your particular needs.

Professional Development

From courses addressing personnel issues, employee retention and new employee job interviewing, to those specifically designed to help develop leadership skills, FVCC offers extensive choices for those who seek to expand their skills and advance in their careers. Many of these courses are offered in partnership with our local Job Service office.

Serving Community Needs

FVCC also creates and offers courses designed to meet the specific professional training and career retraining needs of the local community. For example, in response to Libby’s designation as a Superfund clean-up site—resulting from asbestos mining performed in the vicinity—Lincoln County requires a highly trained workforce to handle hazardous materials. FVCC provides the training needed, as well as training for local contractors and their employees to recognize asbestos and handle it properly on job sites.

Building Community Partnerships

When area employers identify needs among employees, FVCC can customize classes for their workforce. We provided technical writing training for the executive staff at St. John’s Lutheran Hospital when they requested that training. We’ve partnered with local banks to provide employees Access and Excel training in Microsoft. And in response to new regulations, we’ve developed company-wide sexual harassment training for local businesses. Deeply committed to being a community resource and economic development tool in northwest Montana and Lincoln County, FVCC also retains close ties to the business community through membership on local boards and councils.

Getting Started

To learn more about how Lincoln County Campus can help you or your business, contact the Continuing Education Coordinator at (406) 756-3833.