I. Pre-Semester PreparationII. Planning Your CourseIII. Logistics

Email and Faculty Portal (CAMS)
Upon completion of the hiring process, you will be issued an FVCC email address*. Please contact The IT helpdesk, (406) 756-3930, helpdesk@fvcc.edu. They will let you know if it is ready to use.

How to access your FVCC email off campus

Important course information is available on the Faculty Portal.  Please contact the helpdesk for access and questions about the portal.

*Note: Please use your FVCC email address on your syllabus and to correspond with students (rather than gmail, etc.).  Your FVCC email can be forwarded to your other account.  Please let Rick Owens know that you would like your FVCC email forwarded by sending him a request at rowens@fvcc.edu, calling (406) 756-3820, or visiting him in Blake Hall 121.

Wireless Network
FVCCNET is the Wireless Network on campus. In order to connect to FVCC’s wireless network, you will need your FVCC Logon ID (your username) and your FVCC Logon password. Instructions for connecting to FVCC’s wireless network

Help Desk
For all computer related issues, contact the FVCC Helpdesk at (406) 756-3930, or helpdesk@fvcc.edu.

Nova Stations
Most classrooms are equipped with Nova stations, which are locked desktop computers attached to projectors.

To obtain a key to the Nova stations, you must first get a library card from the FVCC library (LRC 102).  Once you have a library card, go to Media Services (LRC 117) to be issued a key.  Media Services will show you how to open and operate the Nova station.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
Please complete the Sexual Harassment Prevention online training. Your username is your FVCC email address. The deadline for completion is 30 days after the start of your initial semester.  Once complete, you will be directed to a certificate of completion.  Please print the certificate and give it to your Division Director or Faculty Relations Specialist.

FVCC Syllabus Template
Please refer to the FVCC Syllabus Template and include the required sections on your syllabus.  You can save a version of the template to your computer to edit directly or create one of your own style, but you must include the required components.

When your syllabus is complete, please send a copy to Sue Kelly at skelly@fvcc.edu.

Semester Checklist
Please refer to this checklist before classes begin.

Online Course Checklist
If you are using Eagle Online to teach a fully online course, a hybrid course, or as an enhancement to your face-to-face course, please review the online course checklist.

Helpful Tips
Helpful tips for the first class session can be found here.

Finals Schedule
Please note the day and time of your final exam and include it on your syllabus. For questions about the Finals Schedule, please contact your Division Director.

Final Grades
Final grades are due by 3 p.m. on the Monday following the final day of the semester. Final grades should be submitted using the “Direct Grade Submit” feature in the Faculty Portal. View the video tutorial.

Contact Coleen Baars for assistance (Blake Hall 118, (406) 756-3384, cbaars@fvcc.edu ).

Learning Outcomes Assessment
FVCC is required to report student learning outcomes each semester.  At the end of your course, please reflect on how well your students achieved the course learning outcomes using the “Learning Outcomes” link on the Faculty Portal.

The Copy Room is located in Blake Hall 134, (406) 756-3358.  It is open Monday – Friday 7:30 am to 5 pm.

You can submit copy requests via the online copy request form, by emailing copyroom@fvcc.edu, or in person with a paper form. Forms are located on the cabinet across from the mail cabinet.

Completed copy requests will be placed in your mail folder, unless it is a test.  Copies of tests will be stored in the Academic Affairs locked file drawer in the mailroom.  You will receive an email indicating that your request is ready to be picked up.

All part-time faculty members have a mail folder in the mail room, Blake Hall 134.  It is important to check your folder regularly, as it is used for communications from the college and often students as well.

The following offices are available for use by adjunct faculty on the Kalispell Campus:

BC 124, LRC 142, BSS 142, SAT 165, AT 232.  These offices are equipped with combination locks.  Codes are available from Educational Services.

Facutly Support Specialist

Humanities, Social Science, and Business Divisions:
Sue Kelly
Faculty Relations Specialist
BH 136, 756-3813

OT, Math, Science, and Health Science Divisions:
Cynthia French
Administrative Assistant
BH 136 / OT 132, 756-3604

Nursing Division:
Cathy Fabel
Administrative Assistant
BC 102, 756-3385

Division Chairs for 2019-2020

Math and Science – Jim Boger, RH 170, jboger@fvcc.edu, (406) 756-3989
Humanities – Conrad Rauscher, AT 228, crauscher@fvcc.edu, (406) 756-3633
Health Sciences – Lori Elwell , BC 126C, lelwell@fvcc.edu, (406) 756-3899
Business and Technology – Dawn Rauscher, BSS 105, drausche@fvcc.edu, (406) 756-3861
Social Sciences – Stephanie Paidas, BSS 126, spaidas@fvcc.edu, (406) 756-3868

In addition, the following staff act as Division Chair for their respective areas:

Career and Technical Education – Peter Fusaro, OT 108, pfusaro@fvcc.edu, (406) 756-3968
Nursing – Myrna Ridenour, BC 102A, mridenour@fvcc.edu, (406) 756-3997