Each FVCC student will be assigned his/her own FVCC Eagle Mail email address. Your college-issued email address will serve as the college’s official means of communication with you, and is available to all students who are currently registered for a credit course. Your Eagle Mail account will provide you with important announcements from the college and will serve as your chief correspondence tool with your professors. As a student at FVCC, you will be expected to check your Eagle Mail account frequently and consistently to stay current with your college-related communications. You also will be responsible for ensuring there is sufficient storage space in your account to allow for email delivery. If you choose to forward your Eagle Mail account to a private, unofficial FVCC email address, please be aware that the college will not be responsible or liable for any difficulties which may occur in the transmission of or access to emails forwarded from your Eagle Mail account to any unofficial email address.

To access your Eagle Mail account, go to Gmail and sign in with the following username and password:

Your Eagle Mail Username:

Your first name + middle initial + last name appearing all as one word without spaces or punctuation followed by @fvcc.edu. Example: johnbdoe@fvcc.edu

Your Eagle Mail Password:

The first time you access your Eagle Mail account, your password will be the upper case letters “NEW” and the six digits of your birthdate. Example: May 9, 1987 = NEW050987

If you have questions concerning your Eagle Mail account, please contact the IT Help Desk at (406) 756-3930.