Who Can Join?

All FVCC students regardless of their college major, part time, full time, age, or gender, are eligible to join the team.  All you need to be is a student taking classes at FVCC.

Benefits of Joining FVCC Logger Sports

  • Possible tuition scholarship opportunity (counts as ACT 283 – 1 credit class offered both spring and fall semester)
  • Knowledgeable coaching
  • Use of high caliber equipment (we have the best equipment on the circuit)
  • Learn about various equipment and it’s upkeep
  • Make friends by meeting other people with similar interests
  • Work together as a team to help motivate each other and gain leadership skills
  • Build self esteem with goal setting, and creating a personal challenge to overcome
  • Travel and see the Western United States

What Logging Sports Expects From You

Logger Sports is an athletic sports team that participates and competes in lumberjack events throughout the Northwest. We will attend anywhere from 5 to 7 competitions during the year long season. This sport is unique in that men and women compete side by side as members of the same team. There are no cheerleaders standing on the sidelines here! While women compete against women, and men against men, equality is truly met with women competing side by side with the men in events like Jack & Jill sawing.

All team members enroll in the FVCC Logger Sports PE class (ACT 283) where coaches teach even the greatest novice, the techniques needed to win and win safely. The team would expect you to help out with the work we need to do, such as the wood cutting operations that help support our activities. You would be part of a team and expected to act accordingly. When we are on trips to other schools there are some chores that must be done, like loading and unloading equipment, setting up camp and cleanup. The competition equipment must, of course, always be well taken care of, but most of all we would expect you to HAVE FUN.

How to Join

For more information on how to join the team, contact Annie Beall at 756-3876 or by email at abeall@fvcc.edu.