When the nation’s top logger sports team isn’t putting in long hours of practice, hitting the books or traveling to their next competitions, members of the team are out in the community volunteering their time, skills and strength to participate in various community service projects.  The members of FVCC’s Logger Sports Team understand the importance roles that practice, discipline and good sportsmanship play in their success; yet, their commitment to serving the community is what truly makes them winners.

“This team puts in a lot of community service every year.  Not only do they practice hard and put in a lot of time, we expect them to go out and give back to our community.  It’s our way of saying thank you to everyone in our community who has helped us and supported us over the years.”

Annie Beall
Coach, FVCC Logger Sports Team 

Family Forestry Expo

Family Forestry Expo is a week long event held each May, since 1990, to educate area students and families about forest resource management. The Family Forestry Expo is sponsored and created by a diversified group of organizations including: local service groups, resource users, professional societies, government agencies, conservation groups, forest industry, local businesses, and interested individuals.

Each May, 1200-1300 students from 56 NW Montana schools attend the Family Forestry Expo during the week. On the weekend, it’s the parents turn and upwards of 2000 adults show up for the Saturday and Sunday programs.

The FVCC Logging Sports show is the “Elephant” that attracts people to the FFE site and after the show, they walk the nature trail and take in the various educational stations.