FVCC is proud to be home to our nation’s top Logger Sports Team.

In 2012, FVCC celebrated the year with an undefeated season, highlighted by its fourteenth national championship title and its capture of the Top Sportsmanship Award at the national competition.  The team has proudly captured more national championship wins than any other logger sports team in the nation.

The purpose of logger sports is to acknowledge the rich history of forestry and logging and keep traditions alive.  Event participants will be competing for the Bull of the Woods, Belle of the Woods and Top Team Awards.  FVCC has hosted the annual competition since 1972, with the exception of 2006 when the new logger sports arena was under construction.

Membership on the Logger Sports team is open to all students.  Non-forestry and Natural Resource majors are encouraged to participate and are always welcome.   The Logger Sports team competes with universities and community colleges in the Northwestern United States and Western Canada and has been rated the top team in many competitions.

The competitive events offered at FVCC include:

  • Axe Throw
  • Horizontal (Underhand) Hard Hit
  • Horizontal (Underhand) Speed Chop
  • Jack and Jill Buck
  • Double Buck
  • Single Buck
  • Obstacle Pole Buck
  • Vertical (Standing Block) Hard Hit
  • Vertical (Standing Block) Speed Chop
  • Choker Race
  • Pole Climb
  • Bonzaii

The Logger Sports team is supported by the FVCC Student Senate, administration and the Board of Trustees. There are also numerous businesses, individuals and logging companies that support the team. Team members help out by selling firewood, holding a raffle and various other fundraising activities.

For more information, contact Annie Beall at 756-3876 or by email at abeall@fvcc.edu.