The Community-Based Work Study program is designed to give students the opportunity to earn their financial aid awards (work-study funds) through employment at off-campus community service agencies such as local non-profit organizations, government entities and schools.  The program provides students with the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to local organizations, learn about community needs and develop professional skills.

This program operates during the academic year only.

For Students

How it works

The Community-Based Work Study Program allows you to earn work study funds through an off-campus non-profit organization.  Students may earn $9.00 – $10.00 per hour and can work between 8-19 hours/week depending upon award.


In order to be part of the program, you must qualify for State or Federal Work Study funding and be able to work a minimum of 8 hours/week.

How to apply

  1. Check your Work Study eligibility. Students eligible for work study funding should receive an award letter from the Financial Aid Office prior to the start of the semester. You can also check your work study eligibility by contacting the Financial Aid Office in Blake Hall, room 111 or by calling 406-756-3850.
  2. Finalize your class and availability schedule, accounting for any extra-curricular activities you may have.
  3. Review and apply for student jobs at:

Next Steps

  1. Someone from the Student Engagement Office will contact you to schedule an interview.
  2. After you have received and accepted an offer, you will be notified by the FVCC Human Resources Office to complete the on-boarding process.

Important Things to Know

The amount of Work Study award that you have been awarded is the amount that you are eligible to earn during the school year. You cannot earn more money than your award. Any money not used by the end of the school year is lost and does not carry over into the next year. The program does not continue into the summer.

  • There are a limited number of spaces available to participate in this program. You need to work hard to secure a job in a timely fashion if you hope to participate.
  • You must work a minimum of 8 hours per week to participate in the CBWS Program.
  • You may work up to 19 hours per week during the times that FVCC is in session. You do not have to work over semester or spring breaks, but you may choose to do so and are eligible to work 40 hours per week during these times if you are pre-registered for the following semester. Work with your site supervisor to determine your schedule during the breaks. You cannot continue your work into the summer months.
  • You are the one who is ultimately responsible for keeping count of the amount of money that you earn and ensuring that you do not work in excess of the amount of Work Study money you’ve been awarded. Determine in advance how you will spread your hours over the course of the year to align with your work study award. Figure your hours properly; your organization will depend upon you once you’ve started working for them
  • You must commit to an organization for the full year.
  • If you have issues, you need to try to work them out with your supervisor at your site. You can contact the Student Engagement Coordinator for support, if needed.  Should you choose to leave a job, you are expected to give at least two-week notice.
  • Please note that it is a privilege and not a right to participate in the CBWS program. Agency supervisors ultimately determine if they think you’d be a good match for the organization or not and also have the right to dismiss you for any reason (barring discrimination). The Student Engagement Coordinator also determines whether you’re an appropriate fit for work in the community in FVCCs’ name.
  • As this is a Federal Program, there is a very strict division between church and state. Regardless of the organization you are working for, you may not practice religious proselytizing, care for church property, or become involved in partisan politics. Your agencies are aware of this, and should not ask you to participate in such activities.
  • Your site supervisor will be asked to complete an evaluation of your work before the close of each semester.
  • We will also ask that you provide us with formal feedback about your experience working at your organization at the close of the spring semester.

Please feel free to come see Wendy Jeschke at any time regarding your Community Based Work Study experience.  Wendy can be reached at (406) 756-3908 or at or in Blake Hall 155.

For Community Partners

Flathead Valley Community College’s Community-Based Work Study Program can assist your organization fulfill its mission.

How it works

Students are available to work between 8-19 hours per week at your agency.


In order to be eligible with no financial responsibility, your organization must:

  1. Be a federal, state or local public agency or a private nonprofit organization.
  2. employ student as a reading tutor for preschool-aged children or elementary school children; or
  3. employ student as a math tutor for children in elementary school through ninth grade; or
  4. employ student to perform family literacy activities in a family literacy project that provides services to families with preschool or elementary age children; or
  5. employ student in community service activities, and is performing civic education and participation activities in community service projects.
  6. Identify a direct supervisor and provide supervision during scheduled work hours.

In order to be eligible with a 10% cost share, your organization must:

  1. Be a federal, state or local public agency or a private nonprofit organization.
  2. Sign a statement that FVCC does not own, operate, or control the organization or agency; and
  3. provide a signed letter stating that the agency cannot afford to pay the regular nonfederal share (30%).
  4. Identify a direct supervisor and provide supervision during scheduled work hours.

How to apply

In order to be considered as a host organization in the Community-Based Work Study program, please complete the following:

  1. Community Partner Questionnaire
  2. Please return form to Wendy Jeschke at or (406) 756-3908.
  3. After receiving your form, someone from the Student Engagement Office will contact you.