How can I place a hold on an item that’s checked out?

You can place a hold on an item using the barcode number on your library card and the password ID “changeme” on the catalog screen.  Follow the instructions and you will be notified when the item is available. Holds can only be placed on items currently checked out.

How do I see a list of reserve materials and textbooks in the library?

At the library’s home page, click on Library Catalog and then choose the Reserve Desk tab and follow the instructions on the page. To view Textbook Reserves, select the down arrow and choose FVCC Textbook Collection.

Do I need a library card?

Yes…and it’s FREE.  You can obtain your library card at the circulation desk and it must be presented each time you check items out.  When scanned, the barcode activates your account on our automated circulation system.  We can barcode your student ID card.

Can anyone use the FVCC Library?

Yes.  Any resident of the FVCC district (Flathead and Lincoln Counties) can obtain  a library card, use our facilities, staff, collections and resources.  You do not need to be a student to use the library.  Public users are welcome!


Can the library staff assist me with my speeches, essays and research papers?

You are welcome to schedule individual conferences with the library director for assistance in preparing your school assignments.  Special help is available to identify topics, sources, worthwhile library materials, strategies for outlines, essays, speeches, term papers and reports.

Can I get library materials from other libraries?

Absolutely.  We are active members of the Montana Shared Catalog (MSC), a consortium of nearly 177 libraries in Montana who are glad to loan items via interlibrary loan.  We can also request materials from libraries throughout the United States.

Can I bring beverages, food and my cell phone into the library?

We welcome beverages WITH LIDS.  We do not allow food (the better to keep a clean and healthy library) and request that you turn your cell phone OFF or take your phone conversations into the lobby.  Please be considerate of others who are trying to study.

Is the library wireless?

Yes.  Our wireless node reaches throughout the library and into the adjoining lobby area and elsewhere in the LRC building.  FVCC students, faculty, and staff may access the FVCCNET wi-fi network with their user id and password.  Instructions for accessing FVCCNET can be found on the MIS website.

What is the check out period for library materials?

Books check out for 28 days; DVD’s and video cassettes check out for 14 days.  Interlibrary loan materials have special due dates assigned by the loaning library.

How do I renew an item?

It’s easy.  Bring the item in or call us on the phone (756-3856) and we can extend the due date.

Can I use the library’s computers even if I am not a student?

Of course.  We can login public users to one of the workstations with a public patron password.  Public patrons must pay for any printing costs at .10 per page.

How do I access the FVCC research databases from home?

We have a password sheet that we hand out to off-campus users containing the passwords for all of our research databases.  Or, you can call or email us. Sorry, we can’t publish the passwords on our WEB page.

Is there a FAX machine available?

Yes.  We can FAX documents anywhere in the world.  The price for students is only one dollar for up to twenty pages.