Flathead Valley Community College uses Omnilert’s e2Campus unified emergency notification system to notify individuals in case of emergency, including optional weather-related events. Students and employees are automatically enrolled in the system with their campus email address. Furthermore, personal phone numbers and email addresses that were provided by you to FVCC are sent a validation message. This allows you to conveniently opt-in to receiving emergency alerts. If you would prefer to receive emergency alerts viavoice calls, you must sign-in to the e2Campus system to add the voice phone number. You may also add personal text message phone numbers and email addresses by signing in to the e2Campus system. If you have not added any information to your e2Campus account, or validated any validation messages that may have been sent to you, you will only receive emergency communications via your FVCC Eagle Mail account.

If you have not previously accessed your e2Campus account, please use your original default portal password and change it upon logging in. Upon login, click on “Services” to add phone numbers and email addresses to your e2Campus account. You will receive all messages pertaining to campus emergencies via text messages, voice and/or email options you sign-up for and validate, as well as all communications sent to the Optional Groups you have selected (like weather alerts). If you do not receive a validation email within a reasonable amount of time after adding text, voice phone or email address information to your e2Campus account, please check your junk or spam folder.

Note: Your cell service provider may charge fees associated with certain types of communications, such as text messages. Check with your cell service provider for the types of services you have contracted for, and for clarification of the number of messages you may receive without incurring additional charges. Flathead Valley Community College is not responsible for charges incurred by your telecommunications and/or email service providers.

Also Note: If you are not currently registered for an active credit course, your e2Campus account will be removed. This service is limited to the FVCC campus community.