Call 9-1-1 if you believe a person poses an immediate danger to self/others, or there is an imminent threat.
Flathead Valley Community College works diligently to provide safe learning environments for our students on both of our campuses. Campus safety at FVCC is a team effort among the administration, faculty, staff and students.  Safety is a very important part of the educational experience.

FVCC has a solid record of minimal crime incidents on campus. Flathead Valley Community College has a 15-member Safety Committee that meets regularly to identify and address campus safety and security issues.  If you have a concern you would like to address, please contact Safety Committee Chair Mary McLoy by calling (406) 756-3981 or email

Safe Walk
For an escort to your car, building on campus, or classroom, call (406)-471-8700 for a Safe Walk escort during the College’s hours of operation.

Reporting Problems:

Use this form to report unusual behavior that isn’t an immediate, life-threatening danger.

Use this form to report an incident regarding FVCC property or personal injury while on the FVCC Campus.