Quinten and Elijah Joos

It has been said that twins are double the trouble and double the fun. But when twins graduate from high school and are ready to start college at the same time, they are also double the tuition! Fortunately for twin brothers Quinten and Elijah Joos, scholarships are easing the financial burden on their family and allowing them to simultaneously pursue college degrees at Flathead Valley Community College.

Prior to graduating from Whitefish High School this spring, the brothers completed FVCC’s general scholarship application and were thrilled to learn that they had each been awarded a scholarship from Whitefish Rotary to cover the first two semesters of their tuition.

“I’m so thankful to the Whitefish Rotary Club for giving me a year where my main focus isn’t figuring out how to pay for my education, but on my future aspirations,” Elijah said. “I’m excited to begin this new season of my life, and what a blessing it is to have the support of the community to help me achieve my goals.”

Elijah is studying computer science at FVCC. After he graduates, he plans to seek an internship or transfer to the University of Montana to earn a bachelor’s degree. He is enjoying exploring the various career options that will be available to him after he graduates.

Quinten is studying math and statistics at FVCC and plans to transfer to Montana State University in two years to earn a bachelor’s degree. His ultimate goal is to become an actuary in the insurance industry, which will require him to earn a graduate degree.

Both Quinten and Elijah are high-achieving students and have set a goal of earning a minimum G.P.A. of 3.5 during their first two semesters at FVCC, which will qualify them for a tuition waiver scholarship during their second year.

“Scholarships are helping me achieve my goals and motivating me to do the best I can,” Quinten said. “I’m so thankful for the opportunities FVCC is giving to me.”

Last year, the FVCC Foundation was able to award an additional $300,000 in scholarships to students thanks to the generosity of community members and local businesses who participated in the annual Festival of Flavors and other events. Now in its 11th year, the Festival of Flavors is a series of community events that showcases some of the best food, wine and brews in the Flathead Valley while supporting student scholarships, innovative educational projects and student travel to national conferences.