Lowell Jaeger

Lowell Jaeger“Lowell is an exceptional asset to our college, our students, our community and Montana’s poet society.  His creativity and entrepreneurial spirit have resulted in many Native American poets and poets in the rural communities of the West achieving their goals and dreams of becoming published authors.” 

~ Jane A. Karas, Ph.D.
    FVCC President

Lowell Jaeger

Since Lowell Jaeger joined the FVCC faculty in 1984, he has created new opportunities for students, community and poets across Montana and the western United States.  While he is not busy teaching creative writing and journalism and serving as the faculty advisory of FVCC’s “The Mercury News” student newspaper, his small office doubles as the world headquarters of FVCC’s Many Voices Press, a nonprofit small literary press he founded in 2005 that is operated by unpaid volunteers, including himself as editor.  Many Voices Press has funded the publication of six books which contain collections of poems from various poets across Montana and the western United States, including “New Poets of the American West,” which generated over 50 literary reading events in some of the West’s most prominent independent bookstores in Denver, Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland, among others.

Last spring, Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer and Lieutenant Governor John Bohlinger presented Jaegar the 2011 Montana Governor’s Humanities Award for his work with the Project on Civic Reflection (Valparaiso University) since 2004, serving as a national trainer teaching others to lead discussion sessions. In Montana, he leads discussions with AmeriCorp and VISTA volunteers serving Montana Conservation Corps and Montana Campus Corps.  His essay about leading discussions with Montana Conservation Corps, “Picks, Pulaskis, and Poems,” was included in the “United We Serve” website for the Corporation for National and Community Service.

In his spare time, Jaeger has served on the Humanities Montana’s Speakers Bureau, and during the mid-90s, he led a radio discussion program focused on Montana writers, “Big Sky Radio,” which was later syndicated by National Public Radio as “StoryLines America.”  He is author of four collections of poems: “War On War,” “Hope Against Hope,” “Suddenly Out of a Long Sleep,” and finally, “WE,” which  received a 2011 Paterson Award for Literary Excellence and was recognized last year by celebrated radio personality Garrison Keillor who read one of the book’s poems on National Public Radio’s show, “The Writer’s Almanac.”  Last November, Jaegar was recognized nationally through an interview he completed with Nin Andrews for The Best American Poetry’s “Meet the Press.”

Jaeger is a graduate of the Iowa Writers Workshop, winner of the Grolier Poetry Peace Prize and recipient of fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Montana Arts Council.