College facilities are primarily dedicated for instructional use and secondarily for activities hosted by the College or affiliated groups.  Individuals or groups not affiliated with the College (off campus groups) may also use facilities during college hours on a space available basis and for a room rental fee.

Please fill out the form below to request a room reservation. We will contact you to confirm availability and to make further arrangements.

Room Rental Rates

Regular RateNonprofit/Government
Regular Classroom – 32 person$75$40
Double Classroom – 64 person$150$75
Eagle’s Nest/Reception Room – 100 person$150$75
Conference/Boardroom – 49 person$125$65
ATB Meeting Hall – 250-300 person$400$200
ATB Small Conference Room – 32 person$75$40
Both ATB Small Conference Rooms – 64 person$150$75
ATB Plaza/Patio$100$50
Theatre – 200 person$300$150
Computer Lab$150$75

*Media Rates will apply.