Note: Course proposals take place separately from program proposals. For example, if you are adding a course to your program that has not been offered at FVCC before, you must first launch a “New Course Proposal” through Curriculog, and then propose to add the course to your program.

CTE Program Revision

To make changes to a CTE program, such as title, degree requirements, outcomes, courses, launch a Catalog Program Revision proposal in Curriculog.

New CTE Program

To propose a new CTE program, submit the following forms to Academic Affairs by the submission deadline.

  • *Forms marked with an asterisk* require approval by another campus entity prior to submission, which takes additional time. It is the proposer’s responsibility to coordinate with Program Review, Faculty Senate, and the appropriate division/department chair to get the forms completed, signed, and submitted prior to the submission deadline.

Delete a Certificate Program or Degree

To terminate a CTE program, or place it into moratorium, launch a “Program Termination/Moratorium” proposal in Curriculog.

Programs in Moratorium

A program can live in moratorium for up to three academic years, after which it must go through the process to be terminated or reinstated. To reinstate a program, follow the instructions above for a “New CTE Program.” To terminate a program, follow the instructions to “Terminate or Place into Moratorium” above.
Please contact Emily Jense with questions: