Flathead Valley Community College has numerous organized committees who meet regularly to assist with the college’s operations. Committees provide the framework for planning and decision-making through members brainstorming and sharing ideas, discussing issues, establishing new policies and procedures and making recommendations on issues and initiatives important to FVCC students, faculty, staff and community members.

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee assists the college with its planning process by making allocation recommendations based upon departmental and institutional goals. As part of the budget planning process, the committee considers revenue projections and makes recommendations for increases in tuition and fees as required to accommodate expected expenditures. The Budget Committee is one of the four standing committees as outlined in the college’s Board Policy.

Membership includes representation from each area of the college, including a representative from the student body.

College Council

College Council consists of the college president, part-time and full-time faculty, representatives from Student Government and a representative from Educational Services, Student Services, Continuing Education, College Relations, Business Services, Lincoln County Campus, Learning Resource Center, Human Resources and Management Information Systems.  Membership should contain a balance of classified, professional, and administrative employees.

College Council discusses and provides recommendations to the president on institutional policy, long-term planning, and institutional mission.

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee establishes academic policies and procedures for the College, and approves all program and course proposals and revisions.  The committee meets monthly during the academic year.  Committee members include five Division Chairs, a representative from the Learning Center, president and vice president of Faculty Senate, a representative from Student Services, the director of Nursing, the director of Occupational Trades, a representative from Lincoln County Campus and the Vice President of Instruction. Visit the Curriculum Committee page for meeting Agendas, Minutes and Course and Program forms.

eLearning Committee

The FVCC eLearning Committee is comprised of full time faculty, adjunct faculty and administrators who are charged with providing input on the college’s efforts to provide quality educational experiences to our extended learning students in online and interactive teleconferencing courses.

General Education Team

The General Education Team replaces the former Assessment Board.  Faculty members are appointed to the General Education Team by the Faculty Senate Board of Directors, subject to approval by the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services.  Faculty members serve three-year terms and membership is staggered to ensure continuity among new and returning members.  The Faculty Development and Assessment Specialist serves as the committee chairperson.  The Learning Resource Center selects a representative to attend General Education Team meetings and act as a liaison to the Learning Resource Center.

The General Education Team has the following responsibilities:

  • Reviews the General Education / Related Instruction outcome statements and components of each outcome
  • Compiles and reviews General Education assessment results
  • Shares results of assessment cycles with faculty; provides support as needed
  • Reviews the General Education Curriculum and proposes changes to the Curriculum Committee
  • Formally reviews each General Education category every three years

Each General Education category is formally reviewed by the General Education Team on a three year cycle.  The General Education Team member for the category being reviewed works with the Assessment Specialist to compile the assessment results and write a summary report.  This report is distributed to Instructors of courses within that category and a copy is sent to the Vice President of Academic Affairs.  The Assessment Specialist holds a meeting with the appropriate faculty during the Fall In-service to discuss the report and recommend actions.  Minutes from this meeting are recorded in WEAVEonline and distributed to the appropriate faculty members and the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Safety Committee

Flathead Valley Community College works diligently to provide safe learning environments for our students on both of our campuses.

Flathead Valley Community College has a 12-member Safety Committee that meets monthly to identify and address campus safety and security issues.   If you have a concern you would like to address, please contact Safety Committee Chair Jordyn Seyer by calling (406) 756-3981 or email jseyer@fvcc.edu.